Anna Kaźmierska

Senior Appraiser / Mortgage Appraisal Department Manager / Board Member

Property appraiser since 2008. Holder of MSc Engineering degree in Land Use, Agricultural University of Warsaw, and MSc degree in Real Estate Investment and Management, Nottingham Trent University and Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Completed postgraduate studies in real estate valuation at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. RICS trainee. Participant of numerous occupational training courses exploring the real estate market. Entered on the Polish Bank Association’s list. Author of numerous residential or commercial real property appraisal reports for sale, mortgage, tax, finance and other purposes. Boasts many years of experience in appraising complex commercial real estate across Poland; this includes atypical properties such as heritage sites, hotels, shopping centres and petrol stations. Cooperates with banks, public administrative authorities and individual investors on an ongoing basis. In the industry since 2006.


język polskijęzyk angielski



The study determines price dispersion for non-built-up land in the Warsaw urban agglomeration. The research examined whether prices of residential land decrease as the distance from Warsaw city centre, or the local centre increases, or maybe also as the area of land increases. The study is divided into the following six sections: Introduction and major […]

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